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The Bench Rack System

The car is anchored to the bench platform, the pulling chains are attached to the damaged part of the vehicle and the other end of the chains are attached to the yellow vertical pulling beams.


    These beams are pushed away from the car by hydraulic rams and in doing so will pull any damages panel back to original position. The beams themselves  can be swiveled to any position required making it easy to pull at the correct angle..

The bench itself can be raised and lowered to a comfortabe working height.

The car-o-Liner creates an integrated system that contributes to an effective high quality work process from diagnosis to repair results in sustainable and long term value for customers and by working together with car manufactures , bodyshops and insurance companies worldwide the industry continues to improve products and develop solutions that keep pace with ever-changing technological advances.


 The Car-O-Tronic Vision2 X3 is the fastest, most accurate and easiest to use electronic measuring system on the market today! The sensor-equipped Measuring Slide with a built-in versatile remote control and protective rubber “bumper-zones” delivers real-time data three times per second to the advanced and easy-to-use software.

    Photo-based, and backed by Car-O-Data, the world’s most comprehensive vehicle database, it allows you to accurately and quickly target measuring points.

With the use of Car-O-Tronic™measuring systems you can easily measure many points in a short period of time to create a repair plan and also prove the extent of damage to a vehicle for proper payment.

The most advanced, accurate and easy-to-use electronic measuring system on the market


Car-O-Tronic™ was introduced to the collision repair industry in 1990 and was the first computerized electronic measuring system on the market for that purpose. It is capable of measuring a full lower body and a full upper body from headlights to tail lights including A, B and C pillars with data.

    It can also be used in a comparative mode and absolute mode (tape measure). Vision X3 also allows for the technician to pinpoint suspension damage with its suspension diagnostics mode, as well as measure door, hood, trunk openings etc. with the P2P mode.  It even has a Hand Eye App for remote operation.


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