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Panda Spray Booths are engineered and designed by the worlds largest paint booth manufacturer's, they provide ovens for the aeronautical down to the motor cycle industry. They are innovative  in design incorporating the latest technologies available.


    Australia & New Zealand  ovens are designed to meet our electrical specs and design standards they also have computerized spray and curing control systems integrated with safety procedures.

Bake Oven

This is a photo of the inside of the Panda bake booth. The ceiling filter can be seen and the filter material will not let any particles through that can be seen by the naked eye


    The car sits on the grating and under this can be a water bath or a dry filter material which catches any loose particles that are forced to the floor.  This booth has 60 florescent tubes giving of a very good light making a shadow free environment.

40 tube ceiling light with energy efficient electronic ballasts

Provides Shadow Free spraying environment

Interrior Of Oven

Spray Booths operate on a downdraft system which basically allows fresh heated air to be fed through a filter in the ceiling,  (as can be seen in the diagram on left) then passing through the work area around the contour  of the car and leaving the booth through an air channel in  the floor and then ducted out through the roof.


This allows the painter to breath freshly  inducted filtered air through an air hose and into a face mask while painting.


Oven Air Flow

The spraying and curing control systems are fully computerised and integrated  with safety procedures .It has a 3 stage automated heating control

system, fully programmable PLC units – Faults indication and pre and after purging cycles – Heat exchanger cooling cycles.


    Exhaust and intake systems are integrated into one unit it also has matched intake and exhaust fans which provide balance to the air system.

Main flow zone concentrates airflow in the spray booth in a protective curtain around the car. Main flow zone effectively removes over spray.

Control Console

Intake Fan Assy

Exhaust Fan

Heat Exchanger

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